Welcoming 2022

content warning: profanity, depression

Despite feeling depressed during new year’s eve, I’m still looking forward to seeing what’s there to experience and achieve in 2022. Because one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned this past year is self-awareness and acceptance. It’s an odd thing to feel, honestly. But through knowing and accepting my most authentic self, I was able to take the step(s) I took to achieve my goals. Which was to simply maintain my mental well-being. Even so, it was fucking hard to do.

But I guess I’m grateful that I went through this year. Surviving every single day while dealing with my-mentally-issued-self. Because I’ve also learned to respect my boundaries and surround myself with my people. The family that I chose to be mine. Detaching myself from what has been holding me back and finding the right energy of how I want my life to feel. So maybe, it wasn’t that bad after all. Because, hey! Here I am. Very much breathing and alive. Have been doing so much better than how I used to be. And hopefully, there’s more to manifest next year. So, cheers! To life and whatever it is coming for us.




brain dump & contemplation — they/them

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brain dump & contemplation — they/them

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